Public Alerts & Warnings

Immediately behind preparedness, awareness and support are major ingredients to maximizing safety in dealing with unplanned disasters and emergencies. The City of Pacific has an objective of “helping you help yourself” in this regard. We diligently monitor numerous, official sources (e.g. National Weather Service) and, as necessary, provide a variety of public alerting and/or warning services for our Community at-large. Two major mechanisms are (1) the Outdoor Warning Siren System and (2) a free mass notification system – a ReGroup application. Further information about these is below.

Our Outdoor Warning Siren System consists of 8 pole mounted talking sirens strategically placed throughout City boundaries such that people who might be outside at the time of an alert shall be able to hear the tones and spoken messages, followed by appropriate actions. Our geography spans both Franklin and St. Louis counties. As of today, 6 of these sirens are managed by the Pacific Police Department, and 2 on the eastern side of town are managed by the St. Louis County Office of Emergency Management. Both agencies have a working relationship to ensure our residents, businesses and visitors are part of our protocols and procedures.

ReGroup is a versatile system allowing us to send a cell text, a voice call and/or an email – your personal choice for what works best for you. When a trigger is encountered for us to activate the ReGroup mass notification system, all selected contacts will be notified as is set-up in your contact record. Ideally, all residents, business owners and visitors would be in our database in advance. If you would like to opt-in, you may do so today at, or by using the enclosed QR Code. There you will be able to enter your specific information and alerting criteria. We encourage everyone to do so..

ReGroup QR Code