The City of Pacific started issuing deeds in 1885; the first deed issued was dated March 23, 1885. Prior deeds were recorded in Franklin County.

Pacific City Cemetery - Orr & William Street


The cemetery was created January 29, 1873. The northwest corner of the cemetery contains 316 lots.  The original lots (1 through 79) are laid out clockwise. Lots 80 through 316 are mostly laid out clockwise; some, however, are laid out counter-clockwise.

First Addition

A total of 182 lots were added to the cemetery in the early 1900s. These lots were laid out counter-clockwise.

Second Addition

In January 1925, 169 lots were added to the cemetery. These lots were  laid out counter-clockwise.

Resurrection Hill - Hwy O, North of Interstate 44

Commencing - December 1909

The first deed for the cemetery was issued July 10, 1910.  The original cemetery had 56 lots, laid out counter-clockwise.  The first 15 lots have no recorded information.

First Addition

In the first addition to the Resurrection Hill Cemetery, 52 lots were added, laid out counter-clockwise.


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