A black and white photo of a boy on standing on a bluff
  • 1820: The first log cabin is erected in what would eventually become Pacific
  • 1838: A covered bridge over the Meramec River is constructed south of Pacific.
  • 1852: The city was plated as the town of Franklin.
  • 1853: The Atlantic-Pacific Railroad laid tracks into the town of Franklin and opened on July 19.
  • 1854: The Pacific post office opened.
  • 1855: The first school is constructed
  • 1859: The Town of Franklin changes its name to the City of Pacific in honor of the railroad and is incorporated as a city fourth class.
  • 1861: Regular rail service between Pacific and St. Louis begins.
  • 1864: In October, General Price invaded and held the town for the confederacy. Union troops dispatched from St. Louis along the railroad to the nearby town of Allenton. The two forces engaged in battle between the hills of the two towns. The Union forces won the battle which stopped General Price's advance towards St. Louis
A black and white photo of the old Pacific School
  • 1871: The first newspaper is published in Pacific. Pacific Railroad shops move to Pacific.
  • 1882: The Railroad Depot is opened in Pacific.
  • 1891: A fire destroys all buildings located on St. Louis Street between First and Columbus Streets.
  • 1895: the Meramec River floods destroying half of the covered bridge over the river.
  • 1912: The Pacific Volunteer Fire Department is organized.
  • 1915: The Meramec River floods the southern part of Pacific.
  • 1925: The Missouri Botanical Garden acquires land directly west of the city.
  • 1933: Route 66 is constructed through Pacific.
  • 1959: The US Air force acquired land in the city to construct its Nike-Hercules Missile base.
  • 1961: Regular rail service between Pacific and St. Louis ends due to declining ridership.
  • 1965: Interstate 44 is opened directly north of the city.
  • 1969: The Nike Missile Base turned over to the city.
  • 1970: Meramec Valley School district opens a school in the barracks of the old Nike Missile base.
An old photo of the 1915 Pacific Flood
  • 1976: The Frisco railroad abandons the old historic train depot, and it is demolished soon after.
  • 1979: Missouri Eastern Correctional Center is built east of the city.
  • 1982: The south side of the city floods, flooding City Hall. Many Times Beach residents relocate to nearby Pacific, after the flood spread dioxin contamination around their homes.
  • 1988: The New City Hall and Police Station are dedicated.
  • 1994: Southern side of the city is flooded.
  • 1994: Pacific High School Volleyball team wins State Championship.
  • 2002: Pacific Partnership is forms as a non-profit organization to restore the old downtown area. Plans include building a public plaza in the center of the old downtown area.
  • 2002: Pacific voters overwhelmingly approve a half cent improvement tax that will help fund a new water softener and storm warning sirens.
  • 2003: The Wild Canid Survival and Research Center acquires land directly south of Pacific, with plans to move the Wolf Sanctuary to the new land.
  • 2005: The first railroad overpass opens with the construction of the LaMar Parkway extension.
  • 2005: Pacific High School Boys Baseball takes Third Place at State Championship.
  • 2006: The Historical Museum opens it doors at 206 West Union Street.
  • 2006: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Moving Wall, visits Pacific City Park.