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Daily Park Rental Application

  1. Is this a not-for-profit event?
  2. Will participants be charged?
  3. Do you have insurance?
  4. Will there be vendors at the event?
  5. Do you plan to drive vehicles onto park land?
  6. Will you need water or electric connections?
  7. Have you made provisions for on-site medical services?
  8. Have you made provisions for on-site security?
  9. Name and Contact Information of 2 Organization Officers (Other Than Applicant)
  10. Rental Agreement
    Any person, organization or entity that desires to use a park area for an event that is being conducted for profit shall be required to register the event with the City of Pacific. In addition to the fees below, the person, organization or entity shall pay to the City an amount equal to 3% of the gate fees from the event that is collected by the person, organization, or entity that registered the event. You may apply to the Park Board for a variance from the required gate fee percentage, which the Park Board may grant for good cause. The Park Board meets the second Monday of the month at 6pm in City Hall.

    1. The Renter hereby acknowledges that the rental fee for facilities is subject to change at any time by authorization of the Pacific Board of Alderman.

    2. The facility must be paid for in full before the date of use. Payment is to be made at the Pacific City Hall: 300 Hoven Drive, Pacific MO 63069 from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Monday- Friday (except holidays). Two weeks’ notice is required to cancel a reservation and receive a refund. There will be an additional charge if a park employee is called out after regular business hours. If a facility rental needs to be cancelled because of inclement weather, the rental payment will be credited towards a different date; however, you must notify the City the next working day.

    3. Personal belongings must be removed from all facilities immediately following any event. All refuse (bottles, cups and papers) must be taken from the tables, floor and surrounding area and placed in trash receptacles. All state liquor laws and regulations must be followed.

    4. No vehicles are allowed to be driven on any park grounds except in designated parking area. Do not exceed posted speed limits, nor operate an unlicensed vehicle.

    5. No open flames (including candles) allowed in buildings (per fire code). Fires outside designated areas (BBQ pits and Grills) require prior written .

    6. No stakes of any type to be driven into the ground at any facility. Do not damage, deface, or remove signs, buildings or any other city property.

    7. Do not cut, pick, damage, or remove flowers, trees, shrubs or other vegetation. No hunting, trapping, or disturbing wildlife – No firearms allowed on park grounds. Do not pollute, discolor, or contaminate in any manner, any body of water found in the park.

    8. Do not solicit any business or service, or advertise or vend for sale, or hire any goods without prior written approval by the Park Board. Do not interfere with any group whose exclusive use of park facilities has been granted by permit.

    9. No overnight camping without prior written permission from the Pacific Park Board.
  11. Rental Fees
  12. Are you a resident or non-resident of Pacific?
  13. Resident Daily Rental Fees
  14. Non-Resident Daily Rental Fees
  15. By signing above, renter acknowledges that the information provided on the form is complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge. They agree to abide by the terms set forth in this application, and the rules and regulations of the City Of Pacific, and that failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the event, denial of future permit applications, or other legal action.
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